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2015 TV Couples March Madness Challenge: Vote in the Sweet 16!

Will your favorite small screen lovers make the cut and move on to the Elite 8?

2015 TV Couples March Madness Challenge: Vote in the Sweet 16!
ABC/ABC Family/CBS/BBC America/FOX/Syfy/Starz/Art by Rafael Hidalgo for Zimbio

It may be small screen love, but the competition is bigger than ever. After another round of record-breaking votes, we are excited to present your Sweet 16! 

Some round two highlights: 

- Jude & Connor (The Fosters) fans continued to put up a hard fight after widening the gap between the bracket newcomers and past favorites Meredith & Derek (Grey's Anatomy). The well-earned victory took place in the final 24 hours of voting. Congrats!

- Sorry Once Upon a Time enthusiasts. We now have to say goodbye to Regina & Robin and Hook & Emma. But don't be too disappointed. Snow & Charming, Emma & Regina, and Rumple & Belle have advanced to the next round. 

- Ben & Leslie (Parks and Recreation) won by the largest margin, defeating Stefan & Caroline (The Vampire Diaries) with 66% of the votes. The love never dies!

So which couples will advance to the Elite 8? Click here or on our interactive bracket (right) to vote for your favorites or cast your vote in the polls below to help determine which of our 16 second round winners will advance to round four.

The full tournament schedule is listed below. Be sure to follow Zimbio (@zimbio) on Twitter and Tumblr for all the latest 2015 TV Couples March Madness Challenge updates!

Ross and Rachel Conference

Sam & Diane Conference

Pacey & Joey Conference

Zack & Kelly Conference

2015 TV Couples March Madness Timeline
Round 1: Tuesday, March 3 (10am PST) - Monday, March 9 (9pm PST)
Round 2: Tuesday, March 10 (10am PST) - Friday, March 13 (9pm PST)
Round 3: Saturday, March 14 (10am PST) - Tuesday, March 17 (9pm PST)
Round 4: Wednesday, March 18 (10am PST) - Sunday, March 22 (9pm PST)
Round 5: Monday, March 23 (10am PST) - Thursday, March 26 (9pm PST)
Round 6: Friday, March 27 (10am PST) - Tuesday, March 31 (10am PST)
Winner announced: Tuesday, March 31