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Clarke & Lexa Win Zimbio's 2016 TV Couples March Madness!

The Clexakru has spoken.

Clarke & Lexa Win Zimbio's 2016 TV Couples March Madness!
The CW/Art by Rafael Hidalgo for Zimbio

This year, Zimbio's TV Couples March Madness has been especially mad, and with good reason. 4.7 million votes and 63 couples later, Clarke and Lexa (Clexa) of The 100 have come out on top. This marks the second year in a row that a lesbian ship has beaten out the competition. This decision — your decision — carries weight. It means something.

We ship for a variety of reasons. To some the practice is good fun, while to others it means standing up for the kind of relationship that's not always stood up for in real life. The LGBTQ community has seen great strides in the last 10 years, but in 2016 they still see themselves reflected far too rarely in the alternate realities of TV and movies.

That's where the fans come in. You, the fans, are the ground soldiers (dare we say, the grounders) in the fight for greater representation, and that's part of what is so beautiful about fandom. It brings millions of people from across the world together, and sometimes it provides a vehicle for turning frustrations into something much, much more. The Clexa fandom, in particular, has taken its feelings about Lexa's death on The 100 and actively worked to promote real change. They have raised over $65K for The Trevor Project, and throughout the frenzy of March Madness, Clexa voters made sure to consistently highlight the fandom's work in advocating for the LGBTQ community.

Zimbio's TV Couples March Madness aims to celebrate the good things that come from fandom — the excitement, the camaraderie, and the passion. Ships can be all about personal preference and frivolity, but they can also be about something more. Congratulations to the Clexa fandom for the big win, and congratulations on the good work you're doing. We'll be donating $1,000 to The Trevor Project on your behalf.

We're impressed with the mobilization of all the fandoms who swayed this year's bracket. Thank you everyone for participating, and we look forward to another big fight next year!

- The Zimbio Team