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Damon & Bonnie Are Runners-Up of Zimbio's 2016 TV Couples March Madness!

Bamon shippers certainly have much to celebrate.

Damon & Bonnie Are Runners-Up of Zimbio's 2016 TV Couples March Madness!
The CW

Congratulations to Damon and Bonnie of The Vampire Diaries for being the runners-up of Zimbio's 2016 TV Couples March Madness! Seriously, first-time tourney participants Bamon are the definition of #FriendshipGoals, which is a fact and not something that you have to discuss with your counsel.

Clearly, Damon and Bonnie have major chemistry. Just watching the sexy duo doing ordinary things like making pancakes (vampcakes?!) and doing crossword puzzles together is too hot to handle.

However, Damon and Bonnie weren't always BFFs. The evolution of their relationship has been one of the greatest character developments on The Vampire Diaries. Their journey from enemies to frenemies to besties has been a joy to watch. After all, these two have been to hell and back, and after seven years of solid development, it certainly seems time for Damon and Bonnie to become canon.

That's precisely why Bamon shippers came in hard this year. Not only were they delighted to represent their OTP, but they wanted the top prize from the get-go. The Bamon fandom gave many thoughtful reasons about why their favorite TV twosome should win, they submitted some crazy awesome fan art (which included pieces for campaigning), and they also gave some hilarious and meaningful responses for the ABCs of Bamon.

We want to congratulate Bamon shippers for accomplishing this impressive feat. Like a fever you can't shake, all of you were definitely a force to be reckoned with. Your dedication and loyalty to your OTP took you very far. Here's to a supernaturally awesome future for Damon and Bonnie!