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Everything Fans MUST Know About The 'Zombieland' Sequel

Are you ready for 'Zombieland: Double Tap'? Here's the lowdown.

Everything You Need To Know About The 'Zombieland' Sequel
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Rip open a pack of Twinkies and let's celebrate! We finally have developments on the Zombieland sequel, which means it's really truly happening and not just something we dream about in our sleep.

After ten long years, the post-apocalyptic comedy is getting a much-deserved follow-up. Even better, the original gang — Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Tallahassee
(Woody Harrelson), and con-sisters Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) — will all reprise their roles. Ruben Fleischer, the film's original director, and OG writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are also confirmed, so prepare for an amazing ride.

What's the status? Title? Story? Release date? Don't worry, we have everything Zombieland 2 covered.

Here's the lowdown.

What's the official Zombieland 2 title?

Drum roll, please! The Zombieland sequel is called Zombieland: Double Tap which, as fans will recall, is item number two on Columbus's zombie survival guide. The double tap is a shooting technique wherein two shots are fired in rapid succession. It's the best way to ensure a zombie is dunzo, which makes it a fitting title for the sequel indeed.

Sony Pictures unveiled the sequel's title along with the official movie poster, which is a clever riff off the viral #10YearChallenge. Harrelson, Eisenberg, Stone, and Breslin recreated the original poster, but this time, they're equipped with better outfits and better weapons. 

Will any other characters join the Zomb-tastic Four?

Hell yes! Ghost Wars star Avan Jogia, Set It Up actress Zoey Deutch, and Rosario Dawson will also appear. Jogia plays a bad boy musician named Berkeley — the type you would "hate for your daughter to fall in love with," per Deadline. Dawson stars as Nevada, another zombie slayer, although details about her role are still under wraps. Deutch's character is also on the DL, but her name is Madison. We'd wager she's a threat to Columbus and Wichita's relationship.

What will Zombieland: Double Tap be about?

It's not hard to guess what will happen in Zombieland 2. The quartet will face off against zombies and fight for their survival. However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, there will be an unexpected twist! The gang will go up against "new kinds of zombies that have evolved since the first Zombieland," as well as human survivors. They'll also "face the growing pains of their snarky, makeshift family." In conclusion, it'll be like The Walking Dead, but way, way funnier.

How is Zombieland 2 different from today's post-apocalyptic movies?

Like the zombies teased in the sequel, the post-apocalyptic genre has evolved in the last decade. Films have become creepier, more bizarre, and definitely more creative — just take a look at films like A Quiet Place, Bird Box, and Blade Runner 2049. While this new wave of films is nothing short of brilliant, they're not exactly movies that make us laugh, and Zombieland will fill that void. It's the comic relief we need and deserve.

When will Zombieland: Double Tap release?

We won't have to wait too long for the sequel to hit theaters. It's slated to release on Annie and Hallie Parker's birthday later this year. The Parent Trap fans, all together now: OCTOBER 11!

Are people actually excited about this?

Uh, duh! Fans immediately took to Twitter to share the hype. Hollywood might be a sequel/reboot machine at this point, but Zombieland: Double Tap feels necessary, so people really seem to look forward to it.

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