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Why 2015 Was the Year of Adele and Taylor Swift

These two ladies undoubtedly came out on top.

Why 2015 Was the Year of Adele and Taylor Swift
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In 2015, Adele and Taylor Swift said “Hello” to their wildest dreams.

While Swift continued to dominate the music industry (and basically the entire world) with her enviable social media skills and her 1989 World Tour, Adele came out of nowhere and broke one music record after another. Without a doubt, Swift and Adele are the most popular and powerful musicians right now, and they don't plan on stopping any time soon. Swift will probably sweep all the major awards at the 2016 Grammys, while Adele's 25 could become the most successful album in music history.

Now, let's take a closer look at why Adele and Swift were the ultimate Queens of 2015.

Swift's Instagram game was totally on point (and still is).

Last March, Swift shared a cute photo with one of her BFFs, Jaime King, who was pregnant with her son Leo. Swift was honored with the title of godmother, and the pop star was clearly blown away by the gesture.

As previously reported, Swift dominated Instagram's list of the most liked posts of 2015. Her cats Meredith and Olivia certainly helped her out with this accomplishment, and we want to thank all three of them for making us feel so warm and fuzzy.

Meredith is allergic to joy.

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

The release of Adele's “Hello” basically broke the internet.

Many celebrities publicly declared their love for Adele and her incredible music. Clearly, the Grammy-winning singer's extended hiatus was a collective struggle for all of us. These are just a few of the funniest celebrity reactions regarding the release of “Hello.” You can check out a more comprehensive collection here.

Swift's ultimate #SquadGoals

There's no better friend collector than Taylor Swift. From Haim to Lorde to Karlie Kloss to Cara Delevigne, Swift knows and love them all. For the Grammy-winning singer, 2015 was the year of fostering strong female friendships and flaunting them on social media. But with friends like this who can blame her?

Swift's star-studded “Bad Blood” video lived up to everyone's crazy-high expectations, and it even featured a killer rap segment with Kendrick Lamar. The music video also showcased a slew of famous faces, including some surprising ones like Mariska Hargitay, Ellen Pompeo, and Jessica Alba. The video for “Bad Blood” previously held the 24-Hour Vevo Record when it received 20.1 million views in a single day. However, it was later surpassed by Adele's “Hello.”

Adele broke multiple records and proved that she's an unstoppable force of perfection.

Adele's third studio album, 25, debuted at number one, and it broke the first-week sales records in multiple countries. In the U.S., 25 sold a mind-blowing 3.38 million copies in its first week, thus giving it the highest single-week sales since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking music purchases back in 1991. The record was previously held by *NSYNC's No Strings Attached.

The music video for Adele's “Hello” is the fastest video to reach 100 million hits on Vevo. This record was previously held by Miley Cyrus' 2013 hit, “Wrecking Ball.” The music video also broke the 24-Hour Vevo record with over 27.7 million views. As if all of this wasn't enough, “Hello” also debuted at the top of the Billboard 100 and became the fist song ever to reach a million digital sales within a week. Can we all just say a loud “YAAASSSS” for Queen Adele?

The 1989 World Tour (a.k.a Swift's extensive collection of famous friends)

Swift is a well-known hard worker, and she certainly gave her all to the 1989 World Tour. In fact, she made things extra special for her fans by inviting some of the most popular celebrities and athletes to join her onstage every night. Dwyane Wade, Lisa Kudrow, Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Ellen DeGeneres, Serena Williams, John Legend, Haim, and St. Vincent were just some of the celebrities who showed up to support their girl. Can you imagine the sheer star power Swift has for all these talented people to join her on tour? It's straight up bonkers and totally impressive. Keep slayin', Taylor.

Everyone wants to be friends with Adele, and we don't blame them.

A-list actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson all went out to dinner with Adele, and it looks like they had an incredible time. They probably spent hours laughing and eating delectable food. Seriously, can we get an invite next time?

Swift's first steady (and non-dramatic) relationship

In 2015, Swift-y finally found herself the right kind of man when she started dating musician Calvin Harris. So far, things have been going smoothly for the couple, and they've kept a relatively low profile compared to Swift's previous relationships. Well, except for the occasional social media updates, of course.

As immortalized on Instagram, Karlie Kloss fifth-wheeled with Swift, Harris, Gigi Hadid, and Joe Jonas while they were all vacationing in London.

Fourth of July is known to be one of Swift's favorite holidays, and she fully documented her romantic moments with her man on Instagram. Harris also accompanied his beautiful girlfriend to her incredible Christmas-themed birthday bash in December. These two are totally adorable. We love a good Swift breakup anthem, but we're hoping only fond love songs will be written about this relationship in the future.

Friendly relations between Scotland and America. @calvinharris

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Adele undoubtedly inspired some of the best memes and GIFs of 2015.

Nothing sent social media into a frenzy quite like Adele's resurgence. The plethora of hilarious memes and GIFs inspired by “Hello” are everything you didn't even know you wanted. Seriously, they're the best. Check out a longer list here.

Why 2015 Was the Year of Adele and Taylor Swift
Why 2015 Was the Year of Adele and Taylor Swift

So there you go. It's clear that both Adele and Taylor Swift dominated 2015 in the best possible way. Let's hope these ladies never take an extended hiatus from their music, because we always want more of them. Adele, you better not leave us in the dark again!

Why 2015 Was the Year of Adele and Taylor Swift
Design by Rafael Hidalgo
Why 2015 Was the Year of Adele and Taylor Swift
Design by Rafael Hidalgo

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