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Queen of the Small Screen: Adrienne Bailon Nails It with Her Career

We chatted with the multi-talented TV host about her reality competition series on Oxygen, 'The Real,' and her NYC-inspired nail polish line.

Adrienne Bailon, host of Oxygen's Nail'd It, strikes a pose.
Adrienne Bailon, host of Oxygen's Nail'd It, strikes a pose.

The reign has only just begun for triple threat turned TV personality Adrienne Bailon, who currently juggles hosting duties for Oxygen's Nail'd It and the syndicated daytime talk show, The Real. 

We chatted with the nail expert about her recent small screen dominance, as well as industry trends, celebrity inspirations, and notable career moments. Check out the full interview below!  

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Zimbio: We have been loving your reality series Nail'd It! What are some current nail trends?

Adrienne Bailon: I am really, really loving metallics. I'm loving gold. I'm loving rose gold on nails. It's really hot. Gold lacing, negative space...those are the trends that are going on right now. 

Z: Which celebs have the best nails?

AB: Rihanna has amazing nails. I actually really love Zendaya’s. She’s on Disney Channel.  I love that she does lyrics on her nails. She also does themed nails. Whatever she’s in the mood for that week, she does her nails in that style. I absolutely love that. 

Z: What are the craziest nails you've ever seen? 

AB: Probably on Nail’d It. On one of our earlier shows, we had the girls create fantasy bouquets out of their nails, which is super insane. I loved to see the brides come down the runway during our elimination challenge. With their hands together, it created a bouquet of nails made out of acrylics. That was amazing. 

Winnie gets one last look at her model before she walks down the aisle. 
Winnie gets one last look at her model before she walks down the aisle. 

Z: How has it been to play the role of entrepreneur and launch your own line of polishes? 

AB: It’s been awesome. I’m so excited about it. It’s been a passion of mine for a really long time. 

Z: How closely were you involved in the creative process? Did you come up with any of the names? 

AB: Definitely. It’s really grassroots. My first collection was called Made in NYC and it was all based on the colors of New York. I put all my time and effort into the colors of the collection. 

Z: Do you have any tips for men who may want to improve their nail health? 

AB: I think there’s nothing better than seeing a man at a salon with his girl. Just keeping your hands manicured is amazing. Go for a buff. Shiny nails – that’s good enough for me. 

Z: You're also a talk show host on The Real. Has it been a dream to host a talk show, or did this opportunity fall into your lap?

AB: It’s a bit of both. I absolutely love, love, love talk shows. I’ve been a huge fan since I was young. I never thought I would become a talk show host. It’s something I absolutely wanted, but I didn’t think that it was possible. It’s a dream come true for me.

Z: There was one episode where all of you got "real" and shared your insecurities about being women in society. It was very powerful and we loved it. Was that the realest moment on The Real?

AB: I love that you love that episode. I think we were totally caught off guard. We didn’t think that was something that was going to come up. We had no napkins, no tissues on the table. It gave us an opportunity to open our hearts and be honest and be real and I think people can always really relate to that. 

Z: Do you have a dream celebrity interview?

AB: J-Lo. I've never interviewed her. I've actually never met her at all. 

Z: And what do you think about her nails? 

AB: She's got amazing nails. Actually, one of our judges on the show, Tom Bachik, is the person responsible for all of J-Lo's nail designs. He is phenomenal. 


Queen of the Small Screen: Adrienne Bailon Nails It with Her Career

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