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Netflix's 'The Push' Is The Murdery 'Candid Camera' Everyone's Talking About

Can people be 'socially manipulated' into committing murder? Psychological illusionist Derren Brown wants to find out.

Netflix's 'The Push' Is The Murdery 'Candid Camera' Everyone's Talking About

Newly released Netflix special The Push has viewers questioning if the streaming giant has gone too far. Hosted by "psychological illusionist" Derren Brown, the show examines exactly how much influence peer pressure has on the mind. It's the most intense social experiment imaginable — how much manipulation can someone withstand before they finally commit murder? You read that right: Armed with a group of 70 paid actors and a "meticulously planned and rehearsed scenario," Brown tests the limits of an oblivious subject with the goal of convincing him to murder someone. 

"The question we're asking is simple," Brown states in the trailer below. "Can we be manipulated through social pressure to commit murder?"

Aren't you glad you're not Chris right now?

Naturally, Netflix subscribers have questions and concerns.

But others are more fascinated than disgusted with the groundbreaking special.

You can watch The Push on Netflix now, but be warned: This is some intense stuff.

Do you think The Push is too ethically questionable to be on Netflix? Are you in support of the social experiment? Comment below!

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