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5 Unheralded Zombie Movies for 'Walking Dead' Fans to Feast On

Hungry fella?

5 Unheralded Zombie Movies For 'Walking Dead' Fans To Feast On
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The Walking Dead has begun its eighth season so what better time to seek out some other zombie-related material? We've done the work for you. Here are five great zombie horror films to start with. We've also included where you can watch them for good measure.

The Girl With All the Gifts (2016)

This is a good movie based on an even better book. Author M.R. Carey wrote the screenplay as well. In the near-future, a fungal virus has turned affected people into flesh-eaters called "hungries." But hope lies in the forms of hybrid children who exhibit zombie tendencies but can still think for themselves. The army is experimenting on them in hope of a cure, but all hell breaks loose and the most gifted child, Melanie, and her teacher escape and head to London to find safety. The road tripping here, hordes of zombies against fences, and the use of masked scent will remind you of The Walking Dead

How to watch: Amazon Prime

The Battery (2014)

This little movie, reportedly made for $6000 in two weeks, has many of the same trappings as The Walking Dead. It focuses on two former baseball players in Connecticut who survive a zombie apocalypse and are now traveling on their own. The film delves into daily survival, like TWD, and also features a community of survivors. The two guys fight and argue about their struggle and are eventually put to the ultimate test when their car is overtaken.

How to watch: Rent it on Amazon or iTunes

5 Zombie Movies To Seek Out If You Miss 'The Walking Dead'

Fido (2007)

Set in a 1950s-like alternate universe, Fido may be the best zombie comedy ever made (sorry, Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland). After a worldwide war against the zombies, humanity has tamed them. A company called ZomCon has created the first controllable zombie collars and people now treat them as pets, hence the title. When young Timmy's zombie, Fido, is marked to be killed after an outbreak, he sets out to rescue him.

How to watch: Rent it on Amazon or iTunes

Maggie (2015)

This is not a fun movie, but it is worth the effort for horror fans. Imagine a story devoted entirely to the Governor and his daughter Penny from TWD and you'll have an idea of what Maggie is about. The world is going to the zombies in Maggie and it's still early enough that people haven't given up hope for their loved ones. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a father watching over his infected daughter, Maggie (Abigail Breslin). The film slowly depicts Maggie's deterioration and loosening grip on reality and her father's undying devotion to her. 

How to watch: Rent it on Amazon or iTunes

5 Zombie Movies To Seek Out If You Miss 'The Walking Dead'

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (2015)

This is a wild one reserved for real horror fans. Set in Australia, people are turning into zombies after a Biblical meteor shower, but some are spared. People with B- blood aren't affected. One man, Barry, tries to save his family but fails and soon falls in with a smaller group. It's the details here that make Wyrmwood worth seeing. Zombie blood is flammable and a zombie-powered engine is created. Plus, Barry's sister is subjected to experiments that result in an ability to control zombies. Pretty cool.

How to watch: Rent it on Amazon or iTunes