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5 New May Arrivals On Netflix You Need To See This Weekend

May is here, and that means new movies on Netflix, man!

5 New Arrivals On Netflix This Weekend You Need To See

Most of the new movies coming to Netflix this month arrived on the first. It's an average selection with a new Clive Owen NF Original called Anon included as well. Critics aren't liking it much (currently 38 percent on Rotten Tomatoes). The new NF Original TV series The Rain, however, is being received well so you might want to check that out. As for the best of the movies that just arrived? These are the ones to see first:

1. God's Own Country (2017)

Based on the life of writer/director Francis Lee, God's Own Country is the story of a British farmer who must stay home to take care of the family when his father suffers a stroke. Alone in Yorkshire, he eventually finds a new reason to stay when a migrant Romanian worker moves onto the farm to work. This is an unlikely love story told with brute authenticity. 
Rotten Tomatoes99 percent

2. Beautiful Girls (1996)

One of the great ensemble casts of the 1990s leads Beautiful Girls, director Ted Demme's ode to love in small town New England. This movie isn't one romantic story, but many, spread across multiple relationships involving a slew of complicated twentysomethings. Natalie Portman is a stand-out as the girl next door who's too young for love, but much wiser than her years.
Rotten Tomatoes79 percent

5 New Arrivals On Netflix This Weekend You Need To See

3. Faces Places (2017)

Film legend Agnès Varda and French photograffeur JR team up to bring art to the masses in Faces Places, one of the happiest and most original documentaries of 2017. Using JR's portable photo printer, the two artists create massive portraits of locals and paste them around Europe. The effect is profound to every subject involved. You've gotta see it.
Rotten Tomatoes: 99 percent

4. Sliding Doors (1998)

A late '90s favorite, Sliding Doors was one of the better films to construct parallel narratives simultaneously, a trend that emerged after the success of Pulp Fiction in 1994. What makes it different is its Choose Your Own Adventure-type plot that sees Gwyneth Paltrow's Helen living two existences, one where she catches a train, and the other where she doesn't. How each existence unfolds in similar and different ways is the fun of the movie.
Rotten Tomatoes62 percent

5 New Arrivals On Netflix This Weekend You Need To See

5. Red Dragon (2002)

I love Red Dragon. It's elevated camp horror at its best, and complete crap at its worst. The combination makes for a pretty fun scary movie. Ralph Fiennes is the big reason to see it. He plays Francis Dolarhyde, a serial killer who murders entire families and then puts mirror in their eyes so they look "alive." He's off his rocker completely. He converses with his dead mother. He eats a painting. And watch this scene. Red Dragon was the first Hannibal Lecter story written by author Thomas Harris. It's about the detective (Edward Norton) who catches Lecter and the next nut job he has to catch: Dolarhyde.
Rotten Tomatoes: 68 percent

5 New Arrivals On Netflix This Weekend You Need To See