All Things Netflix

Dark thrillers 'No Country for Old Men' and 'The Road' arrive along with Netflix originals 'The Little Prince' and 'The Get Down'.
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'The Big Short' arrives along with a slew of '80s movies.
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'Bring it On' brings it to the streaming site and 'Bloodline' returns.
Don't judge these flicks by their browse menu cover art.
Numbers show a 31 percent drop-off in content since 2014.
Wave buh bye to 'Léon,' and say hello to season two of 'Kimmy Schmidt' and more.
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We bid farewell to Mary, Edith, Carson and the Dowager this week, but Netflix has much more to offer.
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A lot of great stuff is expiring soon. Add these to your List now before it's too late!
More of the same from Netflix: Lots going and not a lot coming.
If you really love movies, you start at the beginning.
Get your Fun Dip and bangs ready, '90s movies are comin'.
Here's everything coming to and leaving the streaming service in December.
Mmmmmmmmm sandwiches, drummies and ribs? Yes, please!