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Alycia Lane Sues Former Employer

You might remember Alycia Lane. She’s the former anchor of KYW-TV in Philadelphia who was fired in January after being arrested for scuffling with a New York City police officer and allegedly sending pictures of herself in a bikini to a married sports anchor.

Well, it seems Lane feels her former station was out to get her, and she’s filing suit against them. Lane says the station maliciously damaged her reputation and contributed to a number of embarrassing off-camera episodes to benefit from the press she received. Because of this, the former anchor is suing KYW-TV in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court, on the basis that she believes the station and its management deliberately put her personal life into the news to get free publicity.

The lawsuit also sites Lane's interview with TV psychologist Dr. Phil in 2004. Lane says the station forced her to interview the well-known TV personality and urged her to talk about her past relationships. She says she did so after being reassured that the footage surrounding personal elements of her life would be removed. But, to her surprise, footage aired of her crying about her divorce, and she says the station forced her to appear on the show a second time.

Lane hopes to receive unspecified damages from the suit that she brought to court Thursday.

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