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Mendte Charged With Hacking & Leaking Co-Anchor's E-Mail Messages

He was under investigation, fired and is now being charged with hacking into the e-mail account of his much younger co-anchor, Alycia Lane . Former TV newscaster Larry Mendte was charged Monday by federal prosecutors who say he gained access to Lane's home and work e-mail accounts for more than two years.

Prosecutors have yet to release Mendte's motive for snooping, but Lane's attorney says it was all out of jealousy. Not only was Lane the more attractive anchor (obviously!) it's rumored she was making around $100,000 more than her counter part.

Authorities believe that once Mendte accessed Lane's email, he passed along personal details to a Philadelphia Daily News reporter. Mendte is believed to have accessed Lane's two accounts more that 537 times between January and May alone. Lane's attorney believes the anchor was behind leaks that eventually led to his client's termination.

Lane was fired after a string of bad press which involved an altercation with her and a New York City police officer and a seperate incident involving photos of her in a bikini being e-mailed to a married NFL Network anchor.

Mendte has been off the air since May 29, after his home was searched and computer seized, he was fired June 23. He is being charged with a felony count of intentionally accessing a protected computer without authorization.

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