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Alycia Lane -- Controversial newsanchor gets new show

Lane with current boyfriend Chris Booker.
Alycia Lane, who leapt into the national spotlight after sending bikini pictures of her self to a married coworker and then assaulting a police officer a short time later, has a new job.

She'll be joining current boyfriend Chris Booker at his new gig as a disk jockey for Los Angeles radio station AMP.

From PhillyBurbs.com:

Predictions that Alycia Lane would be lucky to land a Sunday morning public affairs show on the Dayton ABC affiliate after the crap she was involved with in Philly were way premature.

Her boyfriend Chris Booker has landed a gig at L.A. Top 40 radio station AMP. And the former Q102 morning man told Howard Stern this morning that Lane is coming with him.

I see KTLA in the former CBS-3 anchor's future. Then in a year or two, a co-anchor gig on "Good Morning L.A."

A year or two after that, her story ends up in a Lifetime movie.

Larry Mendte has yet to Twitter his reaction to the news. Perhaps he's sleeping late these days and is listening to Stern's West Coast feed.

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