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Who's Going Home Tonight on 'American Idol'?

As American Idol heads into the homestretch, we still have one extra week on the show's schedule with no hint of what the producers' "contingency plan" is. Will the judges cheat tonight and break out the save they supposedly lost after deciding not to use it last week? Probably not. Our guess is someone's going home. But who will it be?

Candice Glover had a lackluster night on Wednesday. But let's be real. A lackluster night for her would be a phenomenal night for any of the other three ladies left on the show, so she's probably still the frontrunner.

Angie Miller had a big night on Wednesday. She was the stand-out performer of the night, so it's hard to imagine her leaving yet. In fact, if anyone is going to steal this season from Candice, it's probably going to be Angie.

Amber Holcomb also had a great performance night, even if (as Jimmy Iovine argues) "MacArthur Park" is a "corny song." Amber seems to be peaking at just the right time and seems to belong in the top three, which brings us to ...

Kree Harrison looks like the most likely candidate for elimination this time around. She felt like the weakest link on Wednesday's show, and her song choices the past few weeks haven't been doing her many favors. She's generally been more successful than Amber at bringing in the votes, so that could save her tonight, but she's still our pick for elimination.

Who do you think is going to be eliminated? Vote below.

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  • Kree Harrison
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  • Amber Holcomb
  • Candice Glover
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