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'American Idol' Contingency Plan Means We Probably Won't See a Judges Save This Season

City Year Los Angeles' Spring Break: Destination EducationDespite all the speculation that the American Idol judges are planning to cheat the rules to use their only save of the season after breaking into the top four, one insider claims that's not the case. An unnamed source speaking to TV Line says the judges save is indeed off the table, but producers have always had a contingency plan for the show's schedule, which currently has an extra week in it if one contestant is eliminated per week.

"Officially, the Judges’ Save is no longer,” the source said. “But there’s always been a contingency plan if the Save was not used."

So what will that contingency plan be? Well that's not so clear. Could producers be planning to bring back another contestant? Probably not. Most likely we'll just get another week of performances from an incredibly popular top four, but who knows? Idol could have a twist in store for us yet.

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