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After Watching 'Amazing Spider-Man 2,' Who Will Be in the Sinister Six?

The Sinister Six
(Sony Pictures | Marvel)At the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Harry Osborn is stuck inside a cell at Ravencroft asylum after assuming the identity of the Green Goblin. He tells a shadowy figure named "Mr. Fiers" he wants to put together a team, and he wants to keep it small. Spider-Man fans know exactly where this is going. Director Marc Webb and company are finally bringing the Sinister Six — Spider-Man's most potent assemblage of villainy — to the big screen.

Here's what we know so far. Sony is planning to grow its Spider-Man empire with at least three more movies: The Amazing Spider-Man 3; a stand-alone movie for Spidey villain Venom; and a movie that focuses on the Sinister Six. We also know, after a little research, that "Mr. Fiers" is Gustav Fiers, a character pulled not from the Spider-Man comics, but from a Spider-Man novel called The Gathering of the Six, in which he assembles the Sinister Six.

But who will be in the Sinister Six? After ASM2, years of comics, and one critical tease, we're in a position to make some very educated guesses.

If you use Shazam while the credits roll over Alicia Keys' "It's On Again," you'll receive six images, teasing the identities of the Sinister Six. We're pretty sure about four of them, but two are still up in the air. Let's take a look.

Image 1: The Green Goblin

Probably the most obvious of the six images is this picture of the bottom of the Green Goblin's combat glider. This means the Goblin himself will be one of the Six, and not just the guy who puts them together.

Image 2: The Rhino

At the very end of ASM2 we got to see Rhino in action (however briefly) against Spider-Man. This image appears to be of the horn on Rhino's mechanized (and weaponized) suit of armor.

Image 3: Dr. Octopus

After seeing the Dr. Octopus rig in the movie (and even the trailer) Spidey fans weren't surprised to see it appear among the six images. But while Doc Ock's inclusion isn't a surprise, we don't know who will be donning those iconic mechanical arms. Since Dr. Otto Octavius wasn't in ASM2, many fans think Dr. Ashley Kafka, the wild-haired mad scientist who figures out how to hold Electro captive at Ravencroft, will become Dr. Octopus.

Image 4: The Vulture

Just like the Octopus rig, the Vulture flight rig could also be seen in the movie and trailer. So it wasn't a surprise to see it here. We don't know who the Vulture will be, but Colm Feore, who's already working in the franchise, looks an awful lot like him.

Image 5: Kraven the Hunter?

The best guess here is Kraven the Hunter. The image looks a lot like the mystical tiger-shaped Amulet of Power that Kraven wears. It also matches his whole tiger motif. Kraven is a kind of super-powered big game hunter from the Spider-Man comics who's been included in several incarnations of the Sinister Six, including the original.

Image 6: Unknown

There's been a lot of speculation around this one. The picture appears to be the eye of a mask with mist coming out of it, which has led many fans to believe it's alluding to the Chameleon, a strange sort of faceless bad guy who impersonates people with elaborate disguises. He even takes Spider-Man's place for a while in the comics. But others say it could be Mysterio, a guy who in the comics started out as a special effects wizard who came to use his powers of illusion and extensive chemical knowledge to take on Spidey.

Chameleon and Mysterio

Other Villains

The ASM movies are packed with bad guys and potential bad guys. First, The Lizard, aka Dr. Curt Connors, is still out there. Sure he's in prison, but Mr. Fiers already busted the Rhino out at the end of ASM2, so that doesn't preclude him from coming back in one of the other movies. Also, it seemed like we saw Electro die in ASM2, but who knows? How do you kill a being that can turn itself insubstantial? Also, this is a comic book movie. If they want to bring Jamie Foxx back, they can.

Also making an appearance in ASM2 was Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat. She's basically a lot like Catwoman. She's a thief with a crush on Spider-Man. Sometimes they fight. Sometimes they make out. She was played by Felicity Jones in the movie, which positioned her as Harry Osborn's personal assistant.

Next is Venom. We know a Venom movie is on its way, but we don't know who will become Spider-Man's most terrifying adversary. The character of Eddie Brock (the original Venom in the comics) hasn't been introduced, and we're guessing it could be someone else. The Venom origin could change, too. Instead of an alien symbiote from the moon, Venom could turn out to be some lab-created monster juice like in the Ultimate Spider-Man timeline. If this is the case, Harry Osborn could potentially end up as Venom as he tries to cure his fatal disease (Retroviral Hypophagia, which by the way is totally not a real-life thing).

Last is The Spider-Slayer (or Ultimate Spider-Slayer which gets confusing because he's not part of the Ultimate universe), aka Alistair Smythe. B.J. Novak plays Smythe in ASM2, bullying Jamie Foxx around before he turns into Electro. It seems like they're setting him up to be a villain, but nothing from the six images we've seen hints at the Spider-Slayer's inclusion in the Sinister Six.

So that's potentially 11 villains running around in the Amazing Spider-Man movie universe. Twelve if you count Gustav Fiers. We'll have to wait and see who actually makes it into the next few movies, but since Sony has proven it doesn't mind spoiling the bad guys with plenty of advance material, chances are we'll know who the villains are well ahead of the next release.
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