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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine': Watch It or Skip It?


The small screen is filled to the brim these days with dramas about cops, but Andy Samberg's new Fox comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, wants you to laugh at the boys and girls in blue. Or laugh with, whichever you prefer.

Samberg stars as Jake Peralta, a hot shot NYC cop who's great at catching criminals but terrible as following the rules (so he's like all TV cops, basically). The SNL vet leads an impressively diverse cast that includes Andre Braugher, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Chelsea Peretti, and Joe Lo Truglio. So should you be making plans to get arrested by Brooklyn Nine-Nine this fall? Get Zimbio editors Jill Slattery and Darrick Thomas' take on the first episode, then give the show your own grade below!

Jill's Take
Andy Samberg is a pretty likable dude, so it's no big surprise that he's also a very likable TV show lead. He doesn't overplay Jake's manboy persona too much and wisely lets other characters have their own comedic moments. Melissa Fumero is great as wannabe tough girl Amy, who goes out of her way to convince everyone that she can roll with the boys. Andre Braugher, so incredibly talented as a dramatic actor, uses his deadpan delivery to mine some serious laughs and also provides the first episode with a moving moment of pathos when he reveals that he takes his job as Captain so seriously because it took him 25 years to climb to that rank after coming out early in his career. All in all, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of my favorite new fall comedies of the season.
Watch It or Skip It
: Watch it.

Darrick's Take
Making a good comedy pilot is nearly impossible. You have to introduce an entire cast of characters, lay the ground work for the premise, and create an entire comedy world in less than 22 minutes. It's hard to fit jokes into that much exposition. I guess what I'm saying is you have to be forgiving when it comes to the first episode of any new comedy series and trust in the people who got this thing on the air. So, for now, I'm not worried that Brooklyn Nine-Nine pilot didn't make me laugh and overdid the lazy physical comedy. When you put Andy Samberg in a show made by the people behind Parks & Rec and surround him with the likes of Joe Lo Truglio and Chelsea Peretti, there's room to grow.
Watch It or Skip It: DVR it – jam through three episodes in an hour and see if the show finds its footing. Keep the faith.

Your Take
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