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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 6 Is Now Even Longer, Because NBC Loves Us

Thanks to the network, the new season will have 18 episodes.

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Gets Expanded Season Order At NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans have experienced a whirlwind of emotions over the last few months. Back in May, Fox announced it would not be renewing the series for another season, abruptly canceling the show and leaving fans crushed.

"We love this show, those are great creators, it’s a phenomenal cast," explained  Dana Walden, chairman and CEO of Fox Television Group. "We ordered it throughout five seasons. It’s a great length of time for a single-camera comedy. Ultimately we felt like we didn’t have the exact right place to schedule it this year. It performed best in our Sunday night lineup. We wanted to give Bob’s Burgers an opportunity to have a plum time period and really grow. It really limited the opportunities to schedule Brooklyn."

Thankfully, just 31 hours later, NBC (home to iconic comedies such as The Office and Parks and Recreation) swooped in to save the show, immediately ordering a sixth season with 13 episodes. Just this week, the network added ANOTHER five episodes to the season, which leaves Season 6 with a total of 18 episodes (and hopefully 18 wonderfully hilarious cold opens).

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 6 Is Going To Be Longer Than Ever

When Season 5 ended, Captain Holt was in the running for police commissioner. Longtime fan favorite couple, Jake and Amy, had also just gotten married.

"We thought it’d be fun to have a cliffhanger and wonder what’s going to happen next year," said series co-creator Dan Goor. "And the truth of the matter is, it’s nice to give yourself time as writers and producers to figure out if the idea you have is the right idea for next season."

As for Jake and Amy's honeymoon, don't let your hopes run wild.

"I definitely think seeing some of their honeymoon seems funny," Goor commented. "I don’t know if that means we do a flashback to it, or if we do a cold open about it, or if we do a whole episode about it… Or if it’s a series of flashbacks we see throughout the season, I don’t know."

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 6 Is Going To Be Longer Than Ever

Considering NBC's comedic track record (The Office, Parks and Recreation), it'll be interesting to see where the network takes Brooklyn. Whatever the case, there couldn't be a better home for the show.

"Ever since we sold this show to Fox I've regretted letting it get away, and it's high time it came back to its rightful home," NBC Entertainment's chairman, Robert Greenblatt, said in a statement.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will premiere on NBC come midseason, which gives the writers (and cast) plenty of time to adjust.

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