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'AHS: Hotel's' Angela Bassett Says Co-Star Lady Gaga Is 'a Good Kisser'

Things are getting pretty freaky on the 'American Horror Story' set.

Angela Bassett Says 'AHS: Hotel' Star Lady Gaga Is 'a Good Kisser'

Among the other sexual, horrific, and shocking shenanigans happening on American Horror Story: Hotel, Angela Bassett and co-star Lady Gaga are fooling around.

Bassett, who has been with AHS since season three, Coven, spoke with Access Hollywood on Friday, letting slip that Gaga is "a good kisser." She shared that in their first ever scene, Bassett's character, Ramona Royale, and Gaga's role, Elizabeth, were set to get hot and heavy. Surprisingly, though, the actress admitted that it wasn't a difficult experience, primarily thanks to Gaga's comforting words and professionalism.

"The first time I met her," the 57-year-old divulged, "she had a party for the cast and crew, and that was a first meeting. She was in this beautiful gown that was sort of see-though and vintage, and a diamond necklace…and I'm just trying to be cool.

"She said, 'Are you nervous? I hear you are nervous.' I said, 'Yes.' She said, 'Don't be nervous. I know about these things. I've been there.' I was like, 'Okay!'"

'AHS: Hotel's' Angela Bassett Says Co-Star Lady Gaga Is 'a Good Kisser'

We're not quite sure what the Queen of Monsters meant by "knowing about these things," but what we wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall.

Bassett went on to describe the sexy scene she'd referenced, laughing about the antics that had ensued after it cut.

[They] said cut and I jumped and she said, 'That's the fastest anyone has jumped out of the bed with me.'"

To see the make-out sesh for yourself, tune in for American Horror Story: Hotel, premiering October 7.

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