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We Would Totally Watch This American Girls Action Movie

Kirsten, Samantha, Kit, Addy, and Molly are back — and they've got guns.

We Would Totally Watch This American Girls Action Movie
Funny or Die

The American Girls you grew up loving are back — and this time they've got guns.

Funny or Die has released a video for a parody of an American Girls action movie, and it's pretty much the best thing ever if you grew up reading the American Girls books and wishing you could be as cool as them. I say reading the books because those dolls were expensive even back then, and there was no way in hell my parents were going to pony up the cash for the actual doll. So, books it was!

My personal favorite was Samantha, because she had brown hair just like me and got to do posh 1900s things, but I also dug Kirsten because she got to wear a crown of candles for Scandinavian reasons I can't remember.

Apparently, a bunch of these original American Girls dolls have been retired, which makes me feel both incredibly old and sad because these characters were great alternatives to all the other hyper-sexualized dolls out there.

But thanks to Funny or Die, Kirsten, "The Baddest Bitch in the West," Samantha, "The Original American Sniper," Kit, "Merciless Mercenary," Addy, "Fierce Freedom Fighter," and Molly, "A Real Big Nerd" are all back! And they're ready to take down their arch-nemesis — Barbie, naturally — with guns, explosions, and a whole lot of girl power. Yeah, I'd totally watch this movie.

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