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Anna Paquin -- Talks second season of 'True Blood'

Anna Paquin at the True Blood Season 2 premeire.
Anna Paquin is talking about the upcoming season of True Blood.

Talking to Time Out NY, she talked about shooting the series, and offered up a tip on how to get fake blood out of your skin.

From an article at Time Out NY :

And now that you’re of age?
I look forward to sleeping on the weekends. I do occasionally get my nails done on the weekend, but usually because there’s some miscellaneous vampire-related crap that ended up under them.

Er, blood? Dirt?
Miscellaneous. Mysterious. The cuter the outfit, the more you’re about to get really messy in it on set. There’s eye blood, there’s mouth blood, there’s congealed blood, there’s liquid blood, there’s old blood, there’s crusty old blood.

What’s the hardest kind of blood to get out in the laundry?
There was a time last night that they dumped an entire pureed vampire—it was fake—on top of me. It does sort of stain your skin a bit. Fun fact, completely useless: The old-school shaving foam, like Barbasol, is the only thing that gets it out of your skin. It opens up the hair follicles, your pores. It does it for color or, well, debris—you take a nice shower in head-to-toe shaving foam. Aren’t you glad you know that? But that’s just fake blood. No promises for real blood.

On a scale from Twilight to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where does True Blood fall?
I haven’t really read Twilight. But it’s all about the temptation and not the follow-through, right? Our show is Sookie and Vampire Bill doing it in the graveyard. These are all grown-ups having consensual vampire relations. It’s grown-up kink.

There are all these metaphors for drugs and sexuality—what’s Sookie’s mind reading represent? Lack of personal boundaries?
She’s like the kid who’s, like, really good at something, so she isn’t the most popular person in the class.

You were really good at something as a kid, winning an Oscar at age 11.
Is this therapy? Should I go lay down on the couch? I think you have a better likelihood of getting me to snore than getting me to open up. [Laughs] There’s nothing as annoying as listening to an actor complain about how hard my life was because I was an actor. You gotta just keep your mouth shut.

What’s the trick to soul-shivering screams, like the one that ended last season when you discovered the dead body?
You just scream. Loud. Have older siblings. I’m the youngest, so you scream loud or no one will come and intervene. My older brother stuffed me inside a cello case once. Zipped it up.

No wonder you moved thousands of miles from New Zealand.
No, the cello-case-putter-inner lives in Los Angeles. With his cello case. I, uh, love him.Here is quoted text.

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