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Anna Wintour Discusses the 'Tyranny' of the Sample Size

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Wintour finds it irresponsible to use extremely young models. The fashion industry isn't exactly renowned for fostering a healthy environment for its models - and, when one considers that a sizeable number of today's working models aren't old enough to procure alcohol legally, it's pretty clear that it's a serious problem.

Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, has previously defended the use of extremely thin women in the pages of her magazine. However, Wintour, speaking at Harvard University's "Health Matters: Weight and Wellness in the World of Fashion" forum, was among the most vocal opponents of sample sizes so small, they only fit young teenage girls.

"Each and every one of us needs to realise we are all responsible for the models' health," Wintour said. "We need to reverse the tyranny of sample clothes that just barely fit a 13-year-old on the edge of puberty."

Wintour hypothesized that the industry's trend towards thinner and thinner models was in part responsible for the lack of recognizable faces on today's runways, saying, "Most models work only when they have the uber-slim physique of the very young, stop getting jobs when they fill out and hence don't last long enough to develop public personalities, like the 90s supermodels did."

And that, friends, is why Gisele Bundchen is the only model who lands magazine covers these days.

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