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Season 2 Of 'Queer Eye' Explores The Fab Five's Flaws, And The Show Is Stronger For It

In the Netflix reboot's new episodes, the guys get emotional makeovers of their own.

Season 2 Of 'Queer Eye' Explores The Fab Five's Flaws & The Show Is Stronger For It

If you like your shows with as many feels as possible, Queer Eye Season 2 is the series for you. As of June 15, it's back on Netflix with eight emotional episodes that broach unexpected topics. The new season explores the Fab Five's flaws in a way that will immediately resonate with the viewers. They endeared themselves to fans in Season 1, so watching them learn, grow, and confront their own demons in Season 2 is just delightful. Be sure to have some tissues nearby!

In Season 1 of Queer Eye, we met A.J., a gay man who struggled with the conflicting aspects of his personality. It was the first time the show's new, shortened name — Netflix cut For The Straight Guy when it picked up the series — actually clicked. They're not just making over straight guys anymore! The Fab Five even helped A.J. come out to his stepmother in a scene that was so real I felt like I was reading someone's diary. Guess what? A.J.'s moving transformation in Season 1 was just a primer for the Season 2 realness, hunny.

Season 2 kicks off with the show's first ever female makeover subject: Tammye, a pious, loving, and generous woman who is a joy to watch from start to finish. Honestly, though, it's her influence on the Fab Five that's most mesmerizing. She's like the wizard of Queer Eye! Throughout her episode, Ms. Tammye, AKA "Mama" (her suggestion!), has heart-to-hearts with each member of the Fab Five that will leave you weeping. She has a lot to say to everyone, but her chat with interior design expert, Bobby Berk, is most notable.


Throughout Season 1, Bobby dropped hints that his relationship with religion was not so hot. By Season 2, he's ready to talk about it, and it gets intense. Bobby, who was adopted, loved being part of his local church as a child. It was his community, and what got him into music — he cherished it. But when he came out, his adoptive parents were no longer comfortable having him in the home, and he felt excommunicated from the church. Years later, he ended up filming a show in Georgia and helping more than one churchgoer transform their lives.

We got a brief peek at Bobby's background in Season 1, but he lets it all out with Tammye. As the group's most stoic, sensible member, it's touching.

The idea that all conservative religious institutions reject LGBTQIA+ folks is flipped on its head when Tammye consoles Bobby, who refuses to attend her church service. He breaks down as he tries to explain his feelings, and as a viewer, you can feel his pain. It's beyond words. He's supposed to be helping her, and here she is holding a stranger's hand, reassuring him that his faith will accept him when he's ready to come back.

Like Bobby, I found myself taking deep breaths to steady myself so I wouldn't cry. Ms. Tammye concludes her episode by moving down the line of Fab Five members, and bestowing precious nuggets of wisdom unto each man. Her words serve as a reminder that what the men do is important, and each one contributes to the world in his own unique way. Oh, and food and wine expert, Antoni, spends most of the episode crying. He is a Pisces, after all.

Season 2 Of 'Queer Eye' Explores The Fab Five's Flaws, And The Show Is Stronger For It

In episode 5, the group descends on Skyler, a trans man currently in recovery from his top surgery. (For Skyler, the surgery was part of a gender-affirming process that removed his natural breasts.) If that wasn't intense and emotional enough, the series takes it even further when Skyler opens up to stylist, Tan, about his experience with dysphoria. Tan reveals he doesn't have much experience with trans people in his personal life, and only recently came to understand how important transitioning can be for a person. Tan admits to Skyler (and to himself) that his knowledge of the trans community is severely lacking. Later, when he sees the effect a properly tailored men's suit has on Skyler — and the relief on Skyler's face — it's a lightbulb moment for Tan.  

The Fab Five are all at very different places in their lives — they range from single (Jonathan) to married (Tan) to engaged father of two (Karamo) — but they all have so much to learn, even from the people they're meant to be helping. It's a roller coaster, and a groundbreaking moment for LGBTQ representation on television.

Tears! Tears everywhere! Say it with me now: Representation matters!

Queer Eye Season 2 is on Netflix now.

Binge responsibly, hunnies. 

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