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Chuck Norris Wishes He Could Roundhouse Huffington

Martial arts legend Chuck Norris appeared on CNN earlier this week to discuss tax codes and Sarah Palin with Arianna Huffington.  Norris is a staunch supporter of the GOP and tax reform, so he got a little huffy with the Huffington.
My favorite moments of this clip are when Norris claims to be an authority on the Iraq War because he visited Iraq and talked to the troops, and when he shakes his head and says, "Well that's your liberal view, Arianna.  You're so liberal."  He sounds exactly like South Park's Mr. Garrison when he tells Wendy "I just don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die."

No matter what his political affiliations, Chuck will always have a place in my heart. He gave us Sidekicks with Jonathan Brandis and Winnie Cooper. He can roundhouse kick me to the face any day.
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