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Is the Ashley Biden Cocaine Video Real?

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The New York Post and Radar Online both reported this weekend seeing about 90 seconds of a 45-minute video supposedly showing Vice President Joe Biden's 27-year-old daughter Ashley snorting cocaine at a house party.

Neither the Post nor Radar went so far as to confirm that the young brunette in the video was actually Ashley Biden. The video was being offered to the highest bidder by an anonymous seller through two D.C.-based lawyers. Neither news outlet purchased the video.

The seller claims a hidden camera was set up in a back room at the house party where Ashley was then invited to partake in some blow. Both news outlets report the video is shot from a low angle, showing a woman who strongly resembles Ashley snorting cocaine and telling someone in the room to "Shut the f--- up!"

But on Sunday one of the two lawyers involved in selling the video dropped the seller as a client. Thomas Dunlap, of D.C. firm Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver, told Radar Online he no longer wanted to be associated with the client because of all the publicity around the tape.

Amid a whirlwind of speculation, no one in the Biden family has commented on the tape. Which is probably the best thing they can do. Apparently there have been enough inconsistencies in this whole pseudo scandal to draw the authenticity of the video into question. So if the Bidens just keep their mouths shut, the whole thing will probably blow over... Probably.

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