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'The Boxtrolls' Break New Ground By Featuring Same-Sex Couples in an Animated Film

"Sometimes there's a mother. Sometimes there's a father. Sometimes there's a father and a father. Sometimes both fathers are mothers," says the narrator in the new, gay-friendly trailer for the stop-motion animated film The Boxtrolls. As happenstance would have it, the teaser for the film was released on the heels of one of the most eventful weeks in gay rights history — both DOMA and Prop 8 were struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The film tells the story of a young boy raised by an unconventional family of underground-dwelling creatures who make their home in cardboard boxes. "Families come in all shapes and sizes — even rectangles," the narrator adds

"We’re not in any way trying to be activists. We’re just trying to be who we are," Travis Knight, Laika Studios president and CEO recently told The Hollywood Reporter. "All art and all artists have a point of view, a way of looking at the world. We want to make films that are bold and distinctive and enduring and actually have something meaningful to say."

The film is based on Alan Snow's fantasy adventure novel Here Be Monsters and will feature the voice talents of Ben Kingsley, Simon Pegg, and Tracy Morgan. Currently, the film is set for a September 2014 release.
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