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Bernadette Peters -- Co-hosts 'Live with Regis and Kelly'

Bernadette Peters worked her magic on the small screen this morning.
Fans of Broadway got a special treat this morning, when Bernadette Peters stepped into co-hosting duties for Live with Regis and Kelly.

She'll next be performing on the stage at the San Francisco at the Davies Symphony Hall with the San Francisco Symphony, on Saturday June 27, 2009.

From an article at Associated Content :
It is not normal to see Ms. Peters on a live television show, though it is perfectly normal to see her in a live theatre show. The two are completely different. Some actors do better on television or in the movies while others' skills are more perfect for the stage.

Bernadette Peters is a powerful, dynamic force on the Broadway stage. On television she comes across as fun, pretty and interesting, but not the same juggernaut that she is on the stage.

The stage demands more from an actor on different levels than television and some actors rise up to this demand. Ms. Peters has more than proven that she can handle the stage.

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