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We Can Add 'Affair With Barack Obama' to the Most Ridiculous Beyoncé Rumors Now

(Getty Images)A few years ago, Jay Z raised some eyebrows when he blithely referred to his wife Beyoncé Knowles as the "second coming of Michael Jackson." He meant it as a compliment, of course, referring to her dedication and drive, but the statement is true in other ways, too. As one of the world's most beloved entertainers, Beyoncé has, like Michael, become a source of endless public fascination — and is therefore subject to far more scrutiny and speculation than pretty much anyone else.

This week a particularly ridiculous rumor about an affair with President Barack Obama made the rounds, thanks to a report by France's second-largest newspaper, Le Figaro. According to the paper, who listed a French paparazzo as a source, news of the illicit relationship was due to be published in the Washington Post sometime this week.

It should surprise no one that the Post has vehemently refuted this report, as has Beyoncé's rep.

But as far as rumors go, this isn't the worst that Mrs. Carter has had to deal with — not by a long shot. Remember that time people swore that Blue Ivy was a pillow baby? And what about those reports linking her to Satan?

The Internet loves a good Beyoncé rumor. Here are all the most ridiculous ones.

1. Beyoncé was never actually pregnant and was just wearing a fake baby bump. Blue Ivy was born via surrogate.
The rumor was that Beyoncé was too worried about her figure to actually go through with pregnancy, and decided to outsource a womb. The story got its legs from televised interview footage which, according to conspiracy theorists, appeared to show her stomach folding as she sat down.

Beyoncé's publicist refuted the rumors, calling them "stupid, ridiculous and false," but the performer didn't seem too upset by it. She later told People, "That was crazy. It wasn't hurtful, just crazy."

2. Beyoncé and her husband are both members of the "Illuminati," an elite secret society that controls everything and is completely evil.
There are quite a few websites dedicated to faithfully covering all the "Illuminati" imagery prevalent in Beyoncé's performances and videos — and a bunch that were clearly crafted to capitalize on the popularity of "Beyoncé Illuminati" Google searches, too. 

People who believe in Beyoncé's involvement in the Illuminati probably also believe that Barack Obama is too, and therefore have an easier time believing that they're secret lovers.
3. Beyoncé is pregnant. Always.
This story pops up about every three months or so, maybe because Blue Ivy is so cute the world just wants it to be true. Rumors of a pregnancy reached a fever pitch in May 2013, when EOnline published an "exclusive" confirming the "happy news" — using anonymous sources, of course. 

4. Beyoncé hates Kim Kardashian so much she's refusing to be in her wedding.
In order to believe this story, you have to believe that Kim Kardashian is going to ask Beyoncé to be a bridesmaid. Which means that you have to be a hilariously gullible individual.
2012 BET Awards - Roaming Inside And Backstage(L-R) Television personality Kim Kardashian and singer Beyonce attend the 2012 BET Awards at The Shrine Auditorium on July 1, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)more pics »Supposedly, Beyoncé dislikes Kim because of her sex tape past and the fact that her family is "controversial." But other tabloids claim that Bey sent Kim a "crystal-studded high chair" worth about $15,000 when North West was born, so...

5. Beyoncé is feuding with her so-called BFF Kelly Rowland.
The only evidence to support this claim, really, is the fact that on Aaliyah's birthday, both Kelly and Beyoncé posted a picture of themselves with the late singer — except Bey (or Bey's social media manager, let's be real) cropped Kelly out of the shot. 

Kelly's shot:

Bey's shot:

COME ON. Just because Beyoncé loves her own face more than Kelly's doesn't mean she doesn't love Kelly. Frenemies don't do private room karaoke together.

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