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Summer Came Early for Beyoncé and Blue Ivy This Year


A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.

Yonce's life is still pretty much perfect. 
Well, at least according to her Tumblr page. The singer and the adorable Blue Ivy went on a vacation to some tropical locale this week to chill and make infinity pools look like beautiful works of art. 

How many bad words do you think your child really knows? 
If a new Jimmy Kimmel late night clip is any indication — not a whole lot. We're pretty sure "butthead" and "stupid" are not curse words.  

The most awesome Game of Thrones-House of Cards spoof is sadly a commercial. 
All we have to say is this is one brilliant viral ad campaign that indeed gives us a hankering for a warm and tasty sub sandwich. Damn you, Quiznos! 

Is this the cutest sports fan ever? 
Short answer: "Oh, yeah!" 

On the heels of "Goat Simulator" comes the ferocious new "Bear Simulator." 
Hopefully, gaming companies will soon wise up and create more awesome animal simulators like Honey Badger Simulator, Meerkat Simulator, and Capuchin Simulator in the months to come. Here's to hoping!

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