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The Extraordinary Range of Robin Williams

One year after his death, Williams' work is just as hilarious, poignant, and romantic as ever.

(L-R) Robin Williams in Insomnia, performing stand-up, and in Good Will Hunting. (Warner Brothers | HBO | Miramax)

Robin Williams died a year ago today and it's still hard to believe. It always is with people who were so full of life. But Williams will always be remembered. His work touched people of all ages from all faiths and countries. And there's a big reason for that. 

Williams was renowned for his versatility as an actor and comedian. He was an improvisational genius who became a fine dramatic actor. His natural sweetness earned him plenty of everyman and funny guy roles in movies, but as his career progressed, Williams began taking on more challenging roles. Here's a mere glance at the diversity of the late actor's work and the kind of character he played or genre he touched on. One year after his death, it's all taken on a poignant air. 

Aladdin - Musical Comedy

The Fisher King - Romance

Good Will Hunting - Drama

One Hour Photo - Evil

Stand-Up Work - Comedy

Insomnia Deceit

Mrs. Doubtfire - Physical Comedy

The World According to Garp - Family Drama

Dead Poets Society - Inspirational Drama

The Fisher King - Dread

The Birdcage - Character Comedy

Robin Williams (1951 - 2014)

The Extraordinary Range of Robin Williams
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