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5 Scary Movies That Ruined Us for Life

Zimbio editors look back at the films that made them want to run and hide.

5 Scary Movies That Ruined Us for Life

It's Halloween (a.k.a. the best day ever) meaning it's time for candy, costumes, and creatures that go bump in the night. In honor of the spookiest day of the year, the Zimbio editors are looking back at the scary films that tapped into our phobias, made us want to hide under the covers, and scarred us for life. Horror, right?

Read on and don't forget to let us know what scary movies ruined you forever. 

Lani Conway, Managing Editor — Paranormal Activity (2007)
Paranormal Activity was about an average suburban couple who lives in an average suburban home and becomes haunted by a supernatural presence. Lesson here: demonic possession can happen to average people, like me. By the end of the film, the loving Katie goes full Regan MacNeil, and the epilogue revealed that "Katie's whereabouts remain unknown." After watching Paranormal Activity, I had to sleep with my bedroom door open and the living room light on for fear that this suburban demon lady would come stalking down the hall to murder me. She never did. Her sister was not so lucky

The 5 Scariest Movies That Ruined Our Lives
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Joe Robberson, Senior Associate Editor — Jaws (1975)
I grew up on Cape Cod, close to where Jaws was filmed on Martha's Vineyard and my hometown beaches look exactly like Amity Island, down to the lifeguard towers and rocky sand. I once loved the water. Swimming lessons and wave riding filled my summers. And then I saw Jaws. I still think about sharks every time I'm in the ocean. A lot of people do. Jaws is why.

The 5 Scariest Movies That Ruined Our Lives
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Cecily Trowbridge, Senior Associate Editor — The Descent (2005)
I was completely unprepared for the horror that would assail me in that theater. I was 15 at the time and unexposed to monsters, cannibalism, and gore. The Descent had me in a daze for about two hours after I stumbled out questioning everything good in the world. I do not recommend it... nor do I recommend exploring remote caves without an armed guard.

The 5 Scariest Movies That Ruined Our Lives


Areeba Abid, Senior Associate Editor — Psycho (1960) 
I watched the original Psycho when I was way too young and have been forever scarred thanks to that terrible decision. Not only did it give me the creeps anytime someone shouted “Mother!” but it also ruined showers for me. Gone were the days of leisurely baths and long, steamy showers. I was convinced that there was a peephole behind any painting that was hanging on the bathroom wall which caused me to freak the F out every five seconds. My trauma has slowly healed since then, and I can say that I only occasionally check to see if there’s a psycho behind the shower curtain. Woo hoo for progress!

The 5 Scariest Movies That Ruined Our Lives
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Emma Courtright, Editorial Assistant — Jumanji (1995)
Despite the PG rating and presence of Robin Williams, Jumanji managed to shake me to my adolescent core. A film about orphans forced to play a psycho game was a little too much ammunition for my active imagination. Worst of all, Jumanji made me fearful of the most placid pastime of all: board games. Shall we review the many ways the board game tried to whack people off? Sinking floors, human-eating foliage, a deranged hunter... needless to say I couldn’t play Scrabble with my parents for weeks.

The 5 Scariest Movies That Ruined Our Lives
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Now it's your turn. What "scary" movie ruined your life forever?Sound off with your picks in the comments below! 

Happy Halloween!