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This 'Toy Story' Fan Theory Just Blew Tom Hanks' Mind

It involves Jessie's hat and someone else interesting.

This 'Toy Story' Fan Theory Just Blew Tom Hanks' Mind
Getty Images | Disney Pixar

The old Toy Story theory proposing Jessie once belonged to Andy's mom is catching some heat lately. Blame it on Tom Hanks AKA the voice of Woody, who told HuffPo he thought the theory was "fantastic!" 

Originally posted to Pixar fan Jon Negroni's blog back in 2014, the theory apparently escaped Hanks' ears until HuffPo asked the star about it at an ACLU event in March of this year. "Sounds like a fantastic off-story, a little bit of fan knowledge to me,” said Hanks. “And I’m sure the folks at Pixar have paid attention to it. I’m not saying such a flashback might happen in the fourth movie, but check it out.”

For the uninitiated, the theory goes like this: Andy's cowboy hat, which has a white string laced around the brim, looks a lot like Jessie's hat... 

This 'Toy Story' Fan Theory Just Blew Tom Hanks' Mind
Disney Pixar

...The big difference is that white band around the inside of Jessie's hat, but if you look closely at Andy's, there's a faded mark where a band once may have been. Jessie's hat is also much redder in color. Negroni's theory posits the hat once belonged to Andy's mom as a child, but the white band fell off over the years and the red faded to a more brown color.

In Toy Story 2, a flashback sequence shows Emily, Jessie's first owner, playing with her as a child and Emily is wearing a cowboy hat identical to Jessie's. 

If Emily is Andy's mom (we know her only as Ms. Davis), it makes perfect sense she would hand her hat and toys down to her son. It would also help explain Woody's origin since he, unlike the other toys, doesn't remember where he came from. If he's a much older toy, he may have simply forgotten. 

Perhaps all of this will be spelled out in Toy Story 4, scheduled for release in 2019. 

For more on the Jessie hat theory, check out Jon Negroni's original blog post.

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