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All Things 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' in One Graphic

This might help explain those two timelines.

20th Century Fox | Zimbio

The summer movie season is here, and none of this year's biggest blockbusters are as ambitious as X-Men: Days of Future Past. As part of our extended look at the summer movie season (check out our full guide to the 33 most vital movies here), we've put together five info-graphics for five of the most anticipated movies of the next few months. We'll be publishing one a day until Sunday. We started Wednesday with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and continued yesterday with Godzilla.

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Today's graphic explains the potentially confusing timelines in X-Men: Days of Future Past. After Matthew Vaughn's critically acclaimed reboot of the X-Men franchise, First Class, original X-Men director Bryan Singer was brought back for a sequel that merges the timelines of the first X-Men trilogy with Vaughn's '60s-based reboot. To do this, Singer draws on one of the most popular X-Men storylines from the comics — the Chris Claremont-penned miniseries Days of Future Past. The result finds the X-Men facing extermination at the hands of anti-mutant forces about 10 years from now. In order to stop the anti-mutant faction from ramping up its destructive plans, Professor X sends Wolverine back to the '70s. Making this story work involved bringing together two huge X-Men casts in one movie, most notably putting young and old versions of Professor X and Magneto in the same film. Check out the graphic below to see how this whole timeline thing will work out in the movie.

All Things 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' in One Graphic
Rafael Hidalgo/Zimbio | 20th Century Fox