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These Oscar-Nominated Films Just Got an Amazing Pop Art Makeover

These stunning posters from the design team at Shutterstock will up your excitement for #Oscars2017.

Alice Li and Abbey Katz for Shutterstock

Are you ready for this year's Oscars? If not, please allow these amazing movie posters to up your excitement for movie's biggest night. 

The talented Shutterstock design team has released revamped posters from this year's Best Picture nominees like La La Land and Hidden Figures. The images are part of an annual tradition called Oscar Pop! The cool part about these bold creations, which take inspiration from pop artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, is that each poster was created using only stock images.  

Check out the posters below as well as the artist each designer was inspired by.

1. La La Land

Artist inspiration: Eduardo Paolozzi

Poster by Abbey Katz

2. Fences 

Artist inspiration: Andy Warhol

Poster by Terrence Morash

3. Moonlight

Artist inspiration: Peter Blake

Poster by Kate Crotty

4. Manchester By the Sea

Artist inspiration: Ed Ruscha

Poster by Eric Sams

5. Hell or High Water 

Artist inspiration: Robert Rauschenberg

Poster by Michael Wong

6. Lion

Artist inspiration: Bruce Gray

Poster by Flo Lau

7. Hacksaw Ridge

Artist inspiration: Richard Hamilton

Poster by Brandon Lee

8. Arrival 

Artist inspiration: Roy Lichtenstein

Poster by Alice Lee

9. Hidden Figures

Artist inspiration: Idelle Weber

Poster by Alice Li

What's your favorite? 

And if you're super into these, definitely check out Shutterstock's posters from last year's series, which includes films like The Martian and Mad Max: Fury Road. 

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