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10 Burning Questions We Have After Watching 'Wonder Woman'

The superhero smash starring Gal Gadot left us with much to ponder.

10 Burning Questions We Have After Watching 'Wonder Woman'
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***MAJOR SPOILERS ahead! But we probably didn't have to tell you that. 

Wonder Woman, the latest superhero smash from DC, is in theaters right now. Fans love it, critics love it, and tons of famous people do, too. (Lupita Nyong'o we see you.) The film, directed by a woman (Patty Jenkins), is also being celebrated for its smart and refreshing portrayal of female empowerment. Seriously, raise your hand if you teared up watching Diana triumphantly storm the frontline and liberate a small German town? 

The film stars Gal Gadot as the titular, lasso-wielding hero and Chis Pine as an American spy/Wonder Woman's love interest. Together, they do everything in their power to stop World War I — and Diana's half brother, the war-obsessed god, Ares. Throughout the film, we're introduced to the stunning island of Themyscira, badass Robin Wright, and a pretty neat fight scene between Gadot and David Thewlis (Harry Potter's Remus Lupin). But as much as we loved Wonder Woman, it left us with plenty of burning questions about the plot and Diana's backstory. So without further ado, let's dive in. 

1. Why did no one discover Themyscira before Steve?

In the film, Themyscira is a beautiful island protected by an invisible bubble. It seems like no human, errr, man, has ever stepped foot on it. That is, until Steve Trevor's (Pine) plane crashes off the shores and brings with him a few boatloads of German soldiers. They make it look so easy to find and cross the protective bubble's boundaries. So, why hasn't anyone done so before? 

10 Burning Questions We Have After Watching 'Wonder Woman'

2. Why did Robin Wright have to die? 

Honestly, I was just getting used to the idea of "Wonder Woman co-starring Robin Wright" when a German bullet suddenly pierced her and killed her. Come on! Up until that point, she had the coolest fight moves and had an amazing take-no-prisoners kind of vibe about her. Bring her back, damnit! (Oh she WILL be back, you say?!)

10 Burning Questions We Have After Watching 'Wonder Woman'

3. If Hippolyta knew that the God Killer = her own daughter, why did she go to such great lengths to protect a sword (a.k.a. The Fake God Killer)?

To us, this reads as Hippolyta trying really, really hard to conceal the truth of Diana's identity as the daughter of Zeus. But if she concocted this elaborate story of the god-killing sword's origins and use, then surely the entire island would have had to go along with the lie, too. That seems like A LOT. 

10 Burning Questions We Have After Watching 'Wonder Woman'

4. Why were the accents on Themyscira such a hot mess? 

Am I the only one who thought that everyone on the island was doing their best Dracula impression? As Cinema Blend has pointed out, Gal Gadot's accent in Wonder Woman is different than the one she had in Batman v. Superman — but with good reason. Still, the varying accents drove me nuts. 

10 Burning Questions We Have After Watching 'Wonder Woman'

5. What happened to Doctor Poison?

Against the urging of her brother, Wonder Woman allows Doctor Poison to live despite being the creator of that killer gas. So, where does she go from here? As some have speculated, her future may or may not involve masterminding Venom, the stuff Bane eventually uses to overpower Batman. We'll see. (Side note: Did anyone feel like Doctor Poison's portrayal was a bit too campy?) 

10 Burning Questions We Have After Watching 'Wonder Woman'

6. Is Chris Pine's Steve Trevor really dead? 

I know, I know, this one hurts. The chemistry between Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor was off the charts. The boat ride scene where they're coyly discussing sex and female-male relationships? Swoon. In the end, Steve heroically dies in a fiery and explosive mess 30,000 feet up in the air. But is he really dead? We don't actually see him die. Maybe he was able to parachute his way to safety? Gah, unlikely. But still, a girl can dream. 

10 Burning Questions We Have After Watching 'Wonder Woman'

7. What has Wonder Woman been up to all these years? 

About 100 years have passed since World War I ended. In present day, Wonder Woman is a curator for the Louvre's Department of Antiquities in Paris. But what did she do between then? Did she ever try to go back home to the island? Now that I think about it, how the heck did she even get that job at the Louvre? #Impressed

10 Burning Questions We Have After Watching 'Wonder Woman'

8. Who else laughed at the sight of a cowering, wet David Thewlis in the flashback scene where he fights Zeus as Ares? 

In this moment, the only thing running through my head was "Remus Lupin!" strangely. I'm not the only one, right? 

10 Burning Questions We Have After Watching 'Wonder Woman'

9. Did World War II happen?

Wonder Woman proclaims assertively that if Ares is defeated, then there will be no more war. So by defeating Ares and ending World War I, does that mean the world is saved from the death and destruction of World War II? It's unclear. 

10 Burning Questions We Have After Watching 'Wonder Woman'

10. Where can I get one of those furry cloaks? 

Seriously, the Amazon outfits were baller. I can predict that the Themysciran look will be sooo hot this Halloween. 

10 Burning Questions We Have After Watching 'Wonder Woman'

Do you have any questions about Wonder Woman? Let us know below.   

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