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10 Fascinating Things We Discovered About 'The Breakfast Club' on the New Criterion Collection Blu-ray

Allison rules the deleted scenes.

10 Fascinating Things We Discovered About 'The Breakfast Club' on the New Criterion Collection Blu-ray

Available to own right now on Blu-ray and DVD, the new Breakfast Club Criterion Collection is the single-greatest collection of content from the movie thus far. The film itself looks better than ever thanks to a new 4K digital restoration, and the special features are seemingly endless. They include almost a hour of deleted and extended scenes, audio commentary from Judd Nelson and Anthony Michael Hall, new interviews with Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy, documentaries about the making of the movie, a Today Show interview from 1985 with the entire cast, and much more. 

Honestly, the newest edition to the Criterion Collection, which boasts more than 1000 "important classic and contemporary films," has so much extra stuff you'll probably never get through it all. Luckily, we have the time and we've sorted through the discs for you. Here are 10 exciting things we discovered about The Breakfast Club from Criterion:

1. As Hall notes in the audio commentary, that's his real mother, Mercedes Hall, and sister, in the car when he's dropped off at Saturday detention. The license plate on the car also reads "EMC2," a nod to Brian's status as a brainiac.

2. Also on the commentary, Nelson talks about practicing with the former USFL's Chicago Blitz during filming, as they were using the same high school for their practices. Nelson caught punts and threw passes in full Bender regalia during downtime while filming.

10 Fascinating Things We Discovered About 'The Breakfast Club' on the New Criterion Collection Blu-ray

3. Ages of the Breakfast Club actors during filming: Judd Nelson (25), Molly Ringwald (16), Emilio Estevez (22), Anthony Michael Hall (16), Ally Sheedy (22). 

4. Nelson really spit a loogie in the air and caught it in his mouth as Bender. It was not in the script.

5. A fantastic extended scene shows Carl the janitor confronting the Club, and predicting their futures. (It's a longer version of his "eyes and ears of this institution" speech.) Carl says Bender will kill himself; Claire will have "two boob jobs and a face lift;" Brian will become very successful, but die of a heart attack due to the stress of his high-paying job; Allison will be a great poet, but no one will care; and Andrew will marry a gorgeous airline stewardess who will get fat after having kids. 

6. Another extended scene of Andrew and Allison roaming the halls together shows Allison finding a very cool album, Prince's 1999, inside a teacher's locker. Andrew is shocked any teacher would listen to Prince and Allison exclaims, "They're people!"

10 Fascinating Things We Discovered About 'The Breakfast Club' on the New Criterion Collection Blu-ray

7. A deleted scene gives us Claire and Allison in the bathroom together where Allison proceeds to eat while in the stall. Claire is decidedly grossed-out.

8. Vice Principal Vernon is shown in another deleted scene to be even more of a dick than shown in the final cut. Talking with Carl, he says kids should be given "a f***in' whack!" Luckily, he doesn't physically abuse anyone in the film.

9. Writer/director John Hughes originally wanted to make a 150-minute film, but had to cut many scenes for time considerations. That's why there are so many complete deleted scenes.

10. The deleted scenes we've mentioned are pretty great, but our favorite one takes place in the hallway. During their "prison break," the Breakfast Clubbers see Vernon working over a vending machine in anger and have to sneak by the teacher's lounge. They all succeed, but Allison takes her time. She stands in the doorway and flips Vernon off while his back is turned. The group watches her in amazement and Claire says, "She's nuts, but she's cool."

The Breakfast Club Criterion Collection is available now on Blu-ray and DVD. Here's a full breakdown of the film and special features from Criterion:

What happens when five strangers end up together in Saturday detention? Badass posturing, gleeful misbehavior, and a potent dose of angst. With this exuberant, disarmingly candid film, writer-director John Hughes established himself as the bard of American youth, vividly and empathetically capturing how teenagers hang out, act up, and goof off. 'The Breakfast Club' brings together an assortment of adolescent archetypes—the uptight popular girl (Molly Ringwald), the stoic jock (Emilio Estevez), the foulmouthed rebel (Judd Nelson), the virginal bookworm (Anthony Michael Hall), and the kooky recluse (Ally Sheedy) — and watches them shed their personae and emerge into unlikely friendships. With its highly quotable dialogue and star-making performances, this exploration of the trials of adolescence became an era-defining pop-culture phenomenon, one whose influence now spans generations.

Special Features:

-4K digital restoration, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray
-Alternate 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack on the Blu-ray
-Audio commentary from 2008 featuring actors Anthony Michael Hall and Judd Nelson
-New interviews with actors Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy
-New video essay featuring director John Hughes’s production notes, read by Nelson
-Documentary from 2008 featuring interviews with cast and crew
-Fifty minutes of never-before-seen deleted and extended scenes
-Rare promotional and archival interviews
-Excerpts from a 1985 American Film Institute seminar with Hughes
-1999 radio interview with Hughes
-Segment from a 1985 episode of NBC’s Today featuring the film’s cast
-Audio interview with Ringwald from a 2014 episode of This American Life
-An essay by author and critic David Kamp

10 Fascinating Things We Discovered About 'The Breakfast Club' on the New Criterion Collection Blu-ray
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