Beyond the Box Office

Bill Murray as the Dark Knight? Nicolas Cage as Scarecrow? The possibilities were once endless.
The big-budget disaster film that brought flying cows and a memorable performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman turns 20.
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It's the 15th anniversary of the big green guy and his little donkey.
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Look out for these names on the marquee in the coming years.
Everything that's happened (or we know will happen) in the 'Star Wars' universe so far.
'It's been a long day without you, my friend.'
It looks like the inspiration for Stephen King's Overlook Hotel may be haunted after all.
Nearly 60 years since the release of 'Sleeping Beauty', the Disney princess has finally had enough.
The Coen brothers' classic celebrates its 20th anniversary.
The latest 'Star Wars' edition is ready to bring home.
Admit it, Batfleck was better than you expected.
The British actress toughened up to play Rey in the box-office breaking action film.
Batman and Superman want to fight, eh? We've got some better choices.
Wave buh bye to 'Léon,' and say hello to season two of 'Kimmy Schmidt' and more.