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5 Possible Twists That Could Shake Up Season 3 Of 'This Is Us'

These are the stories we can expect to see this season on the NBC drama.

5 Possible Twists That Could Shake Up Season 3 Of 'This Is Us'

Alright, it's that time of year again.

Time to bust out boxes upon boxes of tissues as you settle in for a weekly helping of all the feels courtesy of This is Us. Season 3 premiered last night, and we are still processing what we just witnessed (in between hysterical sobs, naturally). In fact, we've come up with a list of narratives that could translate into new, potential storylines for this season. Keep reading to find out what they are.


5 Possible Twists That Could Shake Up Season 3 Of 'This Is Us'
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Season 3 will dive into Jack and Rebecca's early days, including their first date. "We’re going into a different timeline a lot with them into their origin story in the past. It’s the most romantic thing ever," creator Dan Fogelman told Us Weekly. "Watching this couple, you know they wind up together. You know everything about what happens, but you’re watching different versions of themselves much younger come together, and it’s beautiful."

While their date wasn't that great admittedly, by the end Jack gives "the one" a look, and just like Rebecca, we melted. And I for one cannot wait to see where the early courtship goes next. Especially after Jack saw Rebecca in the arms of another man with a much larger floral bouquet. 

Milo Ventimiglia (Jack himself) described Season 3 as a "discovery of the past" in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. Keeping in line with that theme, we'll see a young Jack fighting in Vietnam, side-by-side with his little brother Nicky, played by Michael Angarano.


5 Possible Twists That Could Shake Up Season 3 Of 'This Is Us'
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By the end of last season, we saw the eldest Pearson sibling jet off to Vietnam (with papa Jack’s necklace back around his neck). Of course, Kevin wasn't alone (is he ever, though?). He brought along his latest beau, who also happens to be Beth's sister-like cousin, Zoe. We can already tell that Beth won't take this well, but can you blame her? Kevin's track record in the romance department is a solid F. 

In fact, Melanie Liburd, who plays Zoe, has been promoted to series regular for this season. It's safe to say, Kevin and Zoe's love story will definitely blossom and grow throughout the year, which should be fun for Beth. Kevin genuinely seems to be very interested in Zoe, and it appears that he wants to take her to his film premiere (aka the movie version of prom). It's hard to predict if this relationship will crash and burn, but we can definitely predict that Kevin and Beth will get into several Zoe-induced arguments soon enough!


5 Possible Twists That Could Shake Up Season 3 Of 'This Is Us'
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How's my favorite ship doing? FINALLY, we'll see how the married couple meets and how their romance plays out.

In an interview with Parade, Sterling K. Brown revealed that big changes are coming for Randall and Beth. "You will see quite a few storylines revolving around the new property. Then there will be something else that holds Randall's attention and it feels like it's something that he may need to step into," explained Brown, before revealing that Randall will be facing some individual challenges as well. "By the third or fourth episode, you'll see that there's a new direction that he might be possibly taking on in life, which is intriguing. But I can't say too much more than that."

That means we will see Randall and Beth working through life and their marriage together. Phew, as long as they make it work!


5 Possible Twists That Could Shake Up Season 3 Of 'This Is Us'
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Season 3 will continue to unfold Kate and Toby's desire for a baby, but their fertility struggles will make that goal difficult to obtain.

"I think [Kate's] storyline this year is just wildly emotional, and her relationship with Toby, who we'll also get to learn a lot about, is moving to the next level in a really exciting way," Fogelman told E! Online.

As Kate begins fertility treatments, Toby doesn't seem as thrilled about the prospect since there is a 90 percent chance for failure. With the added pressure of having a baby and dealing with his depression, this season will be an uphill battle for Toby. By the end of the Season 3 premiere, we saw Toby flush his antidepressants down the toilet, and next week's preview shows him experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Can Kate and Toby's relationship survive these challenges? We're not so sure anymore.


5 Possible Twists That Could Shake Up Season 3 Of 'This Is Us'
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Thank the heavens, there will be more scenes of grown-up Tess and older Randall. But the question remains: Who is the "she" they were both nervous to see again? We're betting this mystery will be unraveled later this season, although I already have an idea who "she" might be. In last night's premiere, there is a flash-forward sequence in which older Randall calls an older Toby and pleads with his bro-in-law to come see "her" at some facility. So, could this mystery woman be Kate?

Back in present day, after Deja smashes Randall's precious car (with papa Jack's baseball bat to boot), things get messy in the Pearson household. Deja was dealing with her mom giving up her parental rights for good. While Beth and Randall want to formally adopt Deja, the choice is now hers. A decision that will likely follow Deja's journey this season as she struggles to find her place within the Pearson family.

Meanwhile, the teenage versions of the Pearson siblings will act out as they grapple with Jack's death. "It's tempers and bad behavior from the kids, and disconnection," Mandy Moore dished in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "Rebecca is trying her level best to push forward and pick up the pieces of their shattered life."

What does mean exactly? According to next week's promo, Rebecca is mourning her husband's death, Kate is binge-eating all the time, Kevin starts drinking heavily, and Randall is utterly lost in the midst of it all.

What do you make of our five predictions for this season of This Is Us? Which ones do you agree or disagree with? Let us know in the comments!

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