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He Said He'd Eat A Shoe If A 'Top Gun' Sequel Was Ever Made, Now He's Eating A Shoe

Put your shoe where your mouth is.

Thursday is going to be a rubbery day for veteran entertainment journalist Matt Patches. The poor guy is going to snack on a shoe (yes, an actual shoe), because a decade ago be flippantly tweeted that he'd eat a shoe if a Top Gun sequel was ever made. Now we're three days away from the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick and he's making good on his promise. 

The nice folks at Paramount actually sent him a cake in the shape of a Converse sneaker, but it sounds like Patches won't take the easy way out. He tweeted

"A decade ago I tweeted that if Top Gun 2 happened I would eat a shoe. No one has let me forget this ... including the folks at Paramount, who are quite excited for me to be wrong. Saving this for after the actual shoe (although I may already be in a coma). Check back Thursday."

He looks thrilled, naturally. 

Even the official Top Gun Twitter account took a jab: "Son, your ego wrote a check and now you’re eating a shoe."

No word yet on what kind of shoe he'll be chowing down on — a bite of a Birkenstock? Nibble of a Nike? Mouthful of moon boot? Hopefully whatever he chooses will be doused in ketchup or something. We'll be sure to check back Thursday. Until then, watch what you tweet.