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Who Knew? Cersei Loves Something — Elephants

Bask in the weirdness of the Queen's pachyderm obsession.

Who Knew? Cersei Loves Something — Elephants

As mentioned in our roundup of all the callbacks in "Winterfell," the Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones, Cersei was clearly disappointed by the lack of elephants in the Golden Company upon their arrival at King's Landing. She's been excited about them for awhile:

"Highgarden bought us the most powerful army in Essos, the Golden Company — 20,000 men, horses, ELEPHANTS, I believe..."

That quote is from Season 7 when Cersei reveals to Jaime that Euron Greyjoy did not, in fact, sail back to the Iron Islands as he claimed. She instead sent him to fetch the Golden Company, an army of sellswords who are now her best protection against whatever the future holds. However, Cersei didn't get the army she expected. When she receives Euron and Golden Company captain Harry Strickland in the Red Keep, this happens:

Cersei: "20,000 men?"

Strickland: "Yes, your Grace..."

Cersei: "Horses?" 

Strickland: "2000."

Cersei: "And elephants?"

Strickland: "No elephants your Grace."

Cersei: "That's disappointing. I was told the Golden Company had elephants."

Who Knew? Cersei Loves Something — Elephants

Why no pachyderms? Strickland says they don't do well on the open sea. A believable fact. Cersei, clearly annoyed, moves on. But then, later...


In her next scene, Cersei mutters to herself after sleeping with Euron! She's still pissed about the elephants! 

This amazing little development is high comedy, of course, but it also speaks to Cersei's true character. The Lannister Queen doesn't like to be disappointed. In Season 4, Tyrion tells Oberyn, "Sooner or later, Cersei always gets what she wants." 

So will Cersei eventually get her elephants? Don't bet against it. 

Game of Thrones returns next Sunday night on HBO.