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Bill Nye Explains the Universe with Amy Schumer

This isn't what we learned in middle school.

Bill Nye Explains the Universe with Amy Schumer
Comedy Central

"Science rules!"...especially if you're a white woman in your 20s. 

In a hilarious (and NSFW) skit from last night's Inside Amy Schumer, scientist Bill Nye (aka your favorite middle school distraction) stopped by to offer his expertise on the universe and its significance. 

Unlike what we learned in middle school, the universe isn't responsible for time, space, planets, galaxies, stars, aliens, the Big Dipper, etc. Instead, its sole purpose is to "send cosmic guidance to white women in their 20s." 

Amy Schumer and friends showed up to give prime examples of the universe in action. Some examples of its invaluable guidance: 

- Watch shows exclusively on Hulu

- Launch that mitten site you've always wanted

- Wait patiently for an apricot Puggle 

- Continue to sleep with your married boss

We'd like to personally thank the universe for providing us with Bill and Amy. Check out the full clip below!

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