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Lights, Camera, Action Presidents!

Samuel L. Jackson vetoes terrorists in the new 'Big Game' trailer, but we've seen this before.

Lights, Camera, Action Presidents!

Hundreds of actors have played the President of the United States, it's a classic Hollywood role at this point. And sometimes, Presidents turn into action stars. Samuel L. Jackson is the latest to go where many have in his latest movie, Big Game. He plays the POTUS on the run in the Finnish countryside after Air Force One comes under attack. A young boy serves as his guide and they must escape terrorists on their tail:

Insanely absurd? Yes. Which is why it rules. And why it's been done before:

1. Jamie Foxx in White House Down as President James Sawyer

2. Harrison Ford in Air Force One as President James Marshall

3. Bill Pullman in Independence Day as President Thomas Whitmore

4. Aaron Eckhart in Olympus Has Fallen as President Benjamin Asher

5. Lloyd Bridges in Hot Shots Part Deux as President Tug Benson

6. Leslie Nielsen in Scary Movie 3 as President Harris

...And here's the full poster for Big Game, it's amazing:

Lights, Camera, Action Presidents!
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