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'Parkland' Trailer: A Very Dramatic Movie with Very Dramatic Faces

Parkland retells the history of the day JFK was assassinated through the eyes of the important peripheral figures involved in the tragedy, ranging from the young doctor tasked with saving the President to the secret service men working the motorcade to Lee Harvey Oswald's family members. Clearly, it's a very serious film. Just how serious?

Even if you had no context for Parkland, and even if you watched the trailer on mute, you would have no doubt about the film's dramatic intentions thanks to the heaping help of everyone's serious face. Just look at this all-star cast donning their most intense expressions.

Zac Efron

Billy Bob Thornton

Paul Giamatti

Marcia Gay Harden

Jacki Weaver

James Badge Dale

Ron Livingston

And this women, who even nails the dramatic cigarette toss.

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