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Billy Bob Band Booed After D-Baggery on Canadian Radio

After his impossibly dicky behavior during an interview on Canadian radio -- which we reported on earlier this week -- Billy Bob, who wants to be taken seriously as a musician, tried to explain his bizarre comments to an unwelcoming Canadian audience who he called "mashed potatoes without the gravy" in that same interview.

The Toronto Star reports:

After commenting on the beautiful theatre and the legendary performer they were opening for (Willie Nelson), Thornton said, "It seems as if when I say something it's in the news."

When that drew boos, Thornton continued: "Boo all you want, but I want to say something.... We're really happy to be here, but I need to say something. I talked to this a--hole yesterday.

"I sat down and talked with this guy. He and his producers say, `We promise you we won't say that' (meaning references to Thornton's acting career). The very first thing they said was that."

His explanation was not well received. "Here comes the gravy," called the audience in response.

More from The Star:
Before the show, Thornton told a Star reporter that he "loves Canada." When asked what he meant by the mashed potatoes comment, Thornton, wearing a thick layer of skin-tone facial makeup and sucking on a cigarette, said: "I was talking about the guy who was interviewing me." Jian Ghomeshi, host of CBC Radio's Q who demonstrated remarkable restraint while interviewing Thornton, said it's the show's policy not to take instructions from their interview subjects and that it was unfortunate they were instructed what and what not to ask.

If you haven't seen the interview, here it is again. Unreal.

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