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Billy Crudup's Filmography

Billy Crudup was awesome in "Almost Famous" but the guy has done a lot of great films. Here's his latest filmography:


Title Role Notes
1996 Sleepers Tommy Marcano  
Everyone Says I Love You Ken  
1997 Inventing the Abbotts John Charles "Jacey" Holt  
Grind Eddie Dolan  
Princess Mononoke Ashitaka (voice: English version)
1998 Monument Ave originally titled Snitch Teddy Timmons  
Without Limits Steve Prefontaine  
The Hi-Lo Country Pete Calder  
1999 Jesus' Son FH  
2000 Waking the Dead Fielding Pierce  
Almost Famous Russell Hammond  
2001 World Traveler Cal  
Charlotte Gray Julien Levade  
2002 Birdseye Unknown big role  
2003 Big Fish Will Bloom  
2004 Stage Beauty Ned Kynaston  
2005 Trust the Man Tobey  
2006 Mission: Impossible III IMF Operations Director Musgrave  
The Good Shepherd Arch Cummings  
2007 Dedication Henry  
2008 Pretty Bird    
2009 Watchmen Doctor Manhattan post-production
Source: Wikipedia
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