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Bindi Irwin Continues to Dominate on 'DWTS' and Takes Her Romance to the Red Carpet

This dancing diva is a showstopper.

Bindi Irwin Continues to Dominate on 'DWTS' and Takes Her Romance to the Red Carpet

Oh, young love!

Bindi Irwin continued her successful run on Dancing with the Stars on Monday night with another solid performance. The 17-year-old dancer earned 8's from all the judges for her quickstep despite suffering a painful foot injury. Irwin didn't let that slow her down and vowed to comeback even stronger next week.

"I feel closest to my dad when I'm with my family," Irwin told reporters backstage during Monday night's show. "It's when I see my family in the audience that I really feel like, I hope that Dad would be proud, but I feel like that he's still with us. It's so much fun to be able to get out on the dance floor and just pour your heart and soul into something. That's something I try to do everyday in my life. This is something that I can really, really dedicate myself to. I hope that he'd be proud of me, and having my family along with me is just the greatest gift."

Irwin concluded the night by making her romance with longtime boyfriend, Chandler Powell, public. The cute-as-a-button teen conservationist posed with Powell on the red carpet, and the two seemed happy to be reunited. Powell is an 18-year-old wakeboarder from Florida, and the two teens met in Australia back in November 2013. Irwin and Powell bonded over their mutual love for wildlife conservation and have done their best to maintain their long-distance relationship.

"It's awesome being here," Powell said in an interview with US Weekly. "Bindi is crushing it and I loved seeing the whole show! I loved seeing everyone dance. I expected her to do really well but she is exceeding my expectations! I am really proud of her."

Irwin is equally smitten and grateful for having Powell by her side. "The tendons are all stretched and inflamed … but by next week they should be all good," she told US Weekly in the same interview. "He's so cute! Every night I come home and he's like, 'Here's what we're going to do: you're going to sit down here, put this ice on it...' And it's so cold I'm going, 'No! Get it off, get it off!' He's like, 'No, you have to have it 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off. And then I'll make you a hot cup of tea and I'll hug you, so the rest of you will be warm, just not your foot!'

"He's really sweet. I'm really really lucky," Irwin added. "And my family is so supportive."

Check out the full performance below.

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