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Busta Rhymes gets busted

Busta Rhymes turned himself in to police.
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After attacking one of his former workers in a fight over "payroll issues," US rapper Busta Rhymes turned himself in and has been arrested on misdemeanor assault charges.
With his lawyer by his side, the artist surrendered last night at the 1st Precinct stationhouse in Tribeca after returning from a trip to Africa and faces charges for beating up a driver who asked for his back pay so he could buy Christmas presents for his family.
Police Lieutenant John Grimpel said a man, 39-year-old Eddie Hatchett, told police that Rhymes had punched and kicked him numerous times in a confrontation on December 26.
"Apparently the victim approached Busta to request a signature for payroll purposes," a police source said.
"He got punched in the face, then kicked and punched again."
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