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Jennifer Lopez's 'Dance Again' Music Video Is Heavy on Boyfriend Casper Smart

(Image via VEVO)

Jennifer Lopez is trying really hard to make Casper Smart happen. (via VEVO)
Jennifer Lopez hasn't learned a thing about casting her boyfriends in her music videos.

On Thursday evening, the American Idol judge released the sultry music video for her song "Dance Again" featuring Pitbull, surprising absolutely no one with her shameless use of product placement and rear-end closeups. Much more interesting than the video's final shot, a zoom-in on the cheesy light-up bottle for her new perfume Glowing, was Lopez's choice of co-star: 24-year-old boyfriend Casper Smart.

Smart is, of course, the first man Lopez has dated since announcing her divorce from Marc Anthony last summer. And while his dancing skills are undeniable—at some points, he even outperforms J-Lo up during their extended dance sequence—Smart's an odd choice. With all the video's close-ups on Smart's bulging abs, one gets the sense that Lopez is trying her hardest to convince us (and maybe herself) she's not totally out of her muscly new beau's league: "Just look at our chemistry, you guys!"

Lopez has a history of promoting her private life alongside her many projects, making her love life another facet of career... and it never, ever ends well.

Puff Daddy
Jennifer filmed a cameo in the music video for Puff Daddy & the Family's "Been Around the World" in 1997, alongside Vivica A. Fox, Quincy Jones, and Wyclef Jean, among others. Lopez turned up the heat in the video's extended dance breakdown, putting her Bad Boy Records empresario boyfriend to shame. But by 2001, the volatile couple was done for good, with Lopez claiming the rap star had been unfaithful.

Cris Judd
Within months of her breakup with Puffy, Lopez was married to Cris Judd, a backup dancer she met on the set of her "Love Don't Cost a Thing" music video (sound familiar?). Though Judd co-starred with Jennifer in the music videos for "I'm Gonna Be Alright" and danced back-up in "I'm Real" and "Play," their marriage was over in less than a year.

Ben Affleck
No one will ever forget Bennifer, also known as the most overexposed celebrity couple of the aughts. Though the music video for her hit "Jenny From the Block" was supposed to shed light on the media's fascination with Lopez's relationship with Affleck, but only fanned the flames with shots of Affleck rubbing his then-fiancé's tush on a yacht. He's since said he regrets the butt rub.

Proceed with caution, Mr. Smart.

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