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Lindsay Lohan Was Reportedly Slapped After She Accused A Family Of 'Trafficking Children'

Lohan was assaulted by the mother toward the end of the interaction.

Lindsay Lohan Was Reportedly Slapped After She Accused A Homeless Family Of 'Trafficking Children'

Lindsay Lohan has had one hell of a ride, hasn't she? The former child star has been in and out of the news throughout the last decade or so, and it seems she can't shake the negative spotlight. So much for running for President, right Lindsay? In the Instagram live video below, Lohan is sitting in a car when she spots a family of "Syrian refugees" and stops to "help" them. In the video, she accuses the homeless family of trafficking their two children after they refuse to take her up on her offer to watch movies with them "on a television or a computer."

This is too weird, guys.

Lohan, who can be heard speaking to the family in a foreign accent at various points of the video, follows the family and accuses them of criminal activity. At first, the family ignores her claims. Then, another woman's voice is heard, the camera shakes, falls, and is picked back up.

Lindsay Lohan Was Reportedly Slapped After She Accused A Homeless Family Of 'Trafficking Children'

Lohan turns the camera toward her, holds her face, and cries while stating how scared she is. It appears the mother hit Lohan to get her to stop following them, though Zimbio can't confirm.

It's also unclear where this altercation took place. TMZ reported it was in Russia, but the star's recent Instagram locations have been tagged as Paris, France. 

Since 2009, Lohan has faced multiple legal troubles. She's been under probation and house confinement. She's also been caught in possession of illegal substances.

It seemed like Lohan was on track to build her career back up, but this video calls into question her progress (and stability).

Was Lindsay genuinely trying to help these children? If so, why was she following them, recording it, and not calling the police? I have so many questions, and social media is having a field day with the video.

Many were also angry with Lohan for her actions and criticized her "white saviorism."

It wouldn't be social media without people making a joke out of the situation, too.

Whatever the case, the actress has a lot of explaining to do. So far, neither Lohan nor her rep have commented on the situation.

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