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Seth Rogen Is Officially The Voice Of Vancouver's Public Transit System

The comedian is trading the 'Pineapple Express' for the Canada Line.

Seth Rogen Is Now Officially The New Voice Of Vancouver's Public Transit System

This comedian has stepped off the Pineapple Express and climbed aboard the Canada Line. Adding to his impressive list of talents — acting, screenwriting, producing, and directing — Vancouver native Seth Rogen has loaned his voice to his hometown's public transit system. Just making his fellow Vancouverites' morning commutes a little bit jollier!

After Morgan Freeman exited the project due to sexual harassment allegations, Rogen stepped in to do the job. "Any opportunity to enrich the lives of the Canadian people is an opportunity I will take," the actor declared in a new promo just before brandishing his trademark laugh.

"When the opportunity came up to be a voice of public transportation, I was thrilled," Rogen said. "I am honestly always looking for ways to participate in Canadian culture and to put the spotlight on Canada. I mention Canada a lot in our movies, in our work. I play Canadian characters often."

This gift would not be possible without the help of Twitter. After The Province and Vancouver Sun reporter Stephanie Ip suggested Rogen as Freeman's rightful replacement — she would "happily listen to him announce my transit stops all day, every day BUT ONLY IF IT COMES WITH THE LAUGH," she wrote via Twitter — it didn't take long for Rogen to respond and express his interest.

Here's the glorious thread:

Months later, it all came to fruition, and Rogen is officially the voice of Vancouver transit. As if that isn't amazing enough, he did it all for free. Freeman's involvement was in partnership with Visa, while Rogen offered to do it without any compensation — aside from the privilege of having his voice heard by the entire city on a daily basis, of course. "Mr. Rogen offered to work with TransLink free of charge and we accepted his offer in the pursuit of providing a better customer experience and to share pride in the region," TransLink spokesman Steve Vanagas told Vancouver Sun. "We are always listening to our customers and that means on social media as well. This idea came from our customers and the local media, and we’re happy to have been able to get this done in support of our transit system."

Most of the actor's recordings remind riders of proper transit etiquette, like not giving your bag its own seat or putting your feet on the benches.

Look, if Rogen told me to remove my sneakers from a train seat, I'd happily oblige.

Nice work, Canada!

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